Scholarship Application

El Paso Commission for Women 2018 logo2020 Scholarship Applications

The El Paso Commission for Women (EPCW) began awarding scholarships in 2003 to female high school graduates who reside in El Paso County. For 30 years, the Commission’s major goal has been to assist young women in continuing their education.

The purpose of the EPCW is to pursue a positive course of action to achieve equal rights and responsibilities for women. We commit to recognize, understand, and respect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the women in our community. We serve as a model organization for plurality and inclusiveness. Membership is open to any individual supportive of this purpose. For more information on Scholarship Guidelines, visit 2020 Scholarship Guidelines.

A minimum of three scholarships are awarded every year. One of the three scholarships was established to honor the work of former El Paso Commission for Women Chair Clara Duncan-Adams. This scholarship is presented to a young woman who has completed Pre-AP Calculus or Calculus.

2020 Scholarship Application

Vivian Rojas, Scholarship Chair
7130 North Loop, C-10
El Paso, TX 79915