Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The El Paso Women’s Hall of Fame was established in 1989 by the El Paso Commission for Women to honor those outstanding women for their long-term contributions. Each year women inducted into the Hall of Fame are recognized at a luncheon in April. 

Who is eligible? Any woman who has lived or is living in the county of El Paso and has made a significant and lasting impact in the community is eligible for the induction.



Creative or performing artists, authors or poets with recognition or women who have made a significant contribution to the arts in the community.


Exceptional leader in the business sector having made an important and lasting contribution to the community.

Civic Leadership

Leaders in humanitarian causes, civic responsibilities or historic preservation who have made their mark in the community.


Educators, administrators, or board members who have made a lasting contribution to the community.


Leaders in the military community, causes, civic responsibilities, and cooperation with the larger El Paso community.


Outstanding accomplishments in a professional field having made an important impact on the community.

Public Service

Elected/ appointed officials who have made an impact on the community.

Science / Health Care

Leadership in specific projects, products and/or research notable both in their field and the community, as well.

Social Media / Technology / Public Relations

Remarkable contributions and/or accomplishments that have impacted the greater El Paso community through social media, technology, or public relations.

Sports / Athletics

Outstanding achievements or significant contributions in sports / athletics with a lasting affect on the community.


Exceptional contributions of uncompensated time and/or resources that have significantly influenced the quality of life in the community.

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