The purpose of the El Paso Commission for Women is to pursue a positive course of action for achieving equal rights and responsibilities for women. In this regard, we commit to recognize, understand, and respect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the women in our community and to serve as a model for plurality and inclusiveness.

The El Paso Commission for Women is composed of El Paso citizens who are willing to pursue equal rights and responsibilities for all women. Membership is open to any individual supportive of this purpose. Membership dues shall be collected on an annual basis and be valid for one year.

In 1962, John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10980 establishing the first Presidential Commission on the Status of Women to advise him on issues of concern to women. Subsequently, many state and cities formed similar commissions.

In the fall of 1984, two local representatives to the Texas Governor’s Commission for Women were charged with forming an extension of the state commission that would focus on the needs and activities of women in the El Paso area. These women met with many women’s groups and networked with numerous individuals to determine if sufficient interest existed to establish such an organization.

The response and enthusiasm were tremendous and a committee was formed to write the bylaws for such an organization.

The El Paso Commission for Women was formed and voted to be an independent organization and not operate under the auspices of city or county government on January 6, 1985.